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Welcome to Crescendo Farms

NOTE:  Website being updated Feb/March 2022!  

After building, running & managing Crescendo Farms for 30 years, we sold our property in August 2021.

I am beyond blessed at the clients I have had over the years, and those I continue to teach/train.  In February 2022, I am relocating my lesson/training program just 5 minutes down the road near Scholls where boarding, lessons & lease opportunities are available.  

Teaching is my passion, I love working with students of all ages and abilities. I feel strongly about giving students a well rounded education with a focus on the basics. The concepts of Centered Riding®, Contemporary Alexander Technique & Natural Horsemanship apply to whatever discipline you ride- English, Western, competitive or for your own enjoyment. Those fundamentals permeate my teaching the traditional disciplines of Dressage, Hunters & Equitation.

Working Equitation is a relatively new discipline in the US is something that brings together all the above disciplines and details in one (very fun) discipline.

To summarize, I teach from a classical perspective, in a friendly atmosphere that promotes communication between horse and rider, as well as coach and rider. I believe that students should learn the "why" behind what they are asked to do. I hope to develop my students to have more of a trainer's mentality - to analyze, feel, ask, assess and make decisions or changes as often as necessary during their ride. 

If you would like to schedule a time to watch a lesson or training ride, please contact me. I would love to meet you!

Katie Twombly- Trainer                                                                                        Centered Riding Level III Instructor                                                          Certified Contemporary Alexander Teacher &                                                      Living In A Body Workshop Instructor

Clients past and present say....

Kelsey Bishop (2/13) Even though I am new to Crescendo Farms I already feel like I am at home and a member of the family. Katie teaches Centered Riding, Natural Horsemanship and the Alexander Technique that has opened my mind and body to riding and handling horses in a way I never thought imaginable.  Both rider and horse learn to ride and communicate in harmony with the idea that less TRULY is more. Katie is not only an amazing teacher and mentor, but has become a good friend.  I am so blessed to have found htis heavenly place and som many learning opportunities in and out of the saddle.

Jodi Trudeau (11/12) This is Horse Heaven on Earth.  A great place to board your horse, with wonderful caring instructors and an amazing group of people.

Anne Dufay (1/13)  Great barn, lovely people, fabulous arena (excellent footing, access, air quality, dust management), well-managed pastures, roomy stalls with nice runs, heated tack room, top-notch staff, lovely horses, dogs and cats - I could go on and on.  If I didn't have my boy at home now, I'd be right back there.  This ex-Crescendo boarder recommends!  
I should also say- it's a lovely spot.  And then there are also the fruit trees - ride your horse out to pick apples or pears after a work session. They will love it!

Betsy Shultz (2/13)  Buck, Bailey, and Smokey have been boarded at Crescendo Farms since April 2011.  They each let out a deep sigh of relief as soon as they stepped off the trailer and took a look at the big, beautiful, green pastures!  They definitely look forward to their daily turn out (yes, it is literally all day, every day!) and I have found that they are also happier and healthier horses since moving here. 
It is obvious that the owners and staff at Crescendo take pride in the care of the horses and the facilities.  The daily care of the horses is excellent.  The barns, arenas, grounds, and pastures are always clean and safe.  Pastures are routinely harrowed, fertilized, and rotated to keep them in top condition.  Attention to detail definitely shows in all aspects!

Katey McLean via FB (12/11):  Before 2011 ends I want you to know that you are the best trainer/mentor a girl could ask for. From you I have learned so much about riding and working hard and "paying attention to detail" and being responsible. Crescendo has truly become my home over the years; whether I'm mucking out stalls or having a lesson or just hacking, I feel an overwhelming sense of belonging and happiness ♥

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